About this blog

Welcome to my site! You can find some of my creative writing projects here. I write mostly within the fantasy genre, and I tend to publish my works chapter by chapter. That said, be warned that I use this blog to publish the early versions of my stories and web novels. This means that they often require further corrections, proof reading, and occasionally even revisions.

If you wish to read a more polished version of my stories—or don’t want to get confused by any of the sudden changes—I’d suggest heading to my profile on Royal Road Legends. This blog is really just for my proofreaders, or anyone else who is too impatient to wait for a proper chapter release.

Be it on Royal Road Legends or this site, I welcome any suggestions and constructive criticism about my work. Typos pointed out to me are also appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

My fictions

Shades of the Moon




The Static Chamber



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