3.1 – Odd one out

Imaya Level 45 Endurance: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 11 Magic: 15 Spirit: 18+2 Slot Equipment   Ability Level Mainhand Twirin's shortbow Holy Sight 5 Offhand - Arcane Covering Fire 2 Head - Arrows of Light and Shadow 1 Torso Twirin's vest of Minor Protection Legs - Hands - Feet - Accessory Lesser ring of Danger … Continue reading 3.1 – Odd one out


SotM recap and character list

The world: Nerilia is a world where many different species live together. Most of them—including humans—are not native; they are the descendants of the so-called Players, who are being transported into this world against their will. Ostensibly, Players are subjected to test various types of Abilities, though in truth it is mostly to provide entertainment … Continue reading SotM recap and character list


Some say that the human heart is humanity's greatest advantage. It is why we reached for the stars. It is why we always triumph, no matter what the universe throws at us. We feel, we love, we suffer—but most importantly, we endure. Humans are humans because our heart persists. I do not believe in all … Continue reading Heartful