1.6 One Misstep Is Enough To Fall

Teva'ryn Level: 15 Endurance: 7 Strength: 7 Dexterity: 0 Magic: 0 Spirit: 0 Most used abilities: Arcane Portal Most used weapon skills: Lunging Slash, Horizontal Slash, Crescent Slash, Head Splitter, Twin Strikes As one of the guards protecting the Matron of House Ryn, fighting wasn't a foreign concept for Teva'ryn. Indeed, while every Sylven boy had to learn how to use the sword, his … Continue reading 1.6 One Misstep Is Enough To Fall

1.4 Moving On

Randel Level: 9 Endurance: 5 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Magic: 0 Spirit: 3 Most used abilities: Dark Bond Most used weapon skills: Dagger Throw, Spear Throw, Lunge, Sneak Attack "No thanks, I'm good." This was the phrase that I had to use the most. The lizardmen had two favorite hobbies: basking in the sun, and smoking some kind of weed. I … Continue reading 1.4 Moving On


Bergess was a beautiful city in Bastug's eyes. Most people wouldn't agree with him, but to Bastug the city was something special. It was so alive. He had never seen anything of the like. Narrow, dirty streets, tall buildings, people bustling around even in the night. He loved that he could disappear into the crowd so easily. He … Continue reading Prologue